Wednesday, June 15, 2011


OLÁ!!! tudo bem? Sim, meu Português é muito bom. i could keep going on but i figure you would like to know what im saying ;) haha. but to start off thanks for the emails from Sister Pochop ( sorry if spelled wrong) and from Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, and from the Hamptons! i love them. and i can only email family here in the mtc but once we get in feild it may be different but thanks! so yes the language is hard but the Lord is really helping me and so its coming along pretty good! and so last friday was the big São Paulo trip and it was awesome! it was what i think New York would be like; nice big buildings, clean, crazy people, and just a lot of people also very beautiful. It was a lot of fun and great to just be able to talk to people and share my testimony with them and try to help and improve their lives! really the only way we coiuld really do that in a couple minutes was by giving them a Book of Mormon and telling them that if they read it and ask God if it is true than they will know that it is true by the power of God! and there was also a number in there for them to call. we talked to a bunch of people and gave some away and just tried helping people out too and that was awesome! people are actually pretty nice down here its great, I really love the people here, they are so awesome and kind! so also on thursday we had a day somente (only) in Português  and that was good! also today we went to the temple and it was awesome, its so beautiful and the weather here is great! it has only rained a couple of times and its like sunny everyday. it is getting cold down here though, probably in the 40s some nights. and we went to churrascos ( bbq) again and it was awesome!! the meats down here are awesome and from what i hear we eat like this a ton in my mission! but yeah tuesday morning we fly out of here to Porto Alegre and then bus from there to Santa Maria and that will be like a 5 hour bus ride. but its cool! but thanks for the  emails and i love hearing about whats going on even if i dont comment on it. i sure love you guys and miss you ( but only on P-Days ;)) haha but bye!

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